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UV Preconditioning Chamber

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Meet the UV preconditioning test requirements specified in the 4.10 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 standard and the standard MST54 of the IEC 61730-2016 standard. Specially designed UV metal halide lamps are used to test of photovoltaic products and materials.

l  Temperature of lamp could be by cooled down in closed chamber which is cooled by water cooling chiller .

l  Module temperature could be controlled by water cooling chiller with cooling air blowing the module.

l  UV metal halide lamps are used with high value performance, low test cost.

l  The irradiance of each UV lamp can be controlled separately to adjust the irradiance of each lamp.

l  During the test, the UV irradiance data can be tracked. After the irradiation reaches the requirement, the test can be stopped automatically.

l  With the power off memorizing function, which could accumulate on the data before power off.

l  Real-time curves of UVA & UVB radiation, temperature of module could be showed on the display and history curves could be accessed.

l  Data of UVA & UVB radiation, temperature of module could be could be memorized in the hard disc of the IPC as EXCEL format.



Uniformity of irradiation surface


Spectral range


UV irradiance(280nm-400nm)


UVB ratio


UVA   Radiometer Range


UVA Radiometer accuracy


UVB Radiometer Range


UVB Radiometer accuracy


Temperature of the module


Temperature accuracy


Temperature repeatability


Lamp area air temperature


Temperature quantity


Light Area

2200 *1200   mm