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  • PID Test System (Single Power Solution)

    Meet the PID test requirement specified in the IEC62804 standard.l The frame the module is grounded, which not only simulates the actual situation, but also prevents the potential danger caused by t

  • PID Test System (Single Control Scheme)

    Meet the PID test requirement specified in the IEC62804 standard. The system could also be used at actual outdoor conditions.l The frame end of the module is grounded, which not only simulates the

  • UV Preconditioning Chamber

    Meet the UV preconditioning test requirements specified in the 4.10 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 standard and the standard MST54 of the IEC 61730-2016 standard. Specially designed UV metal halide lamp

  • Outdoor Power Generation Comparison System

    The MPPT DC electronic load is connected at ends of the module to precisely compare the DC power generated by the module. l Modular design, with flexible configuration

  • Bypass Diode Thermal Test System

    Meets the bypass diode thermal test requirements in the 4.18 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 and MST25 clause of the IEC 61730 standard. l Intelligent control of the current value, emit pulse current

  • Hot-spot endurance test system

    Meets the hot spot test of solar modules specified in the 4.9 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 standard.l The temperature of the environmental chamber is controlled by forced air-cooling, with over-tem

  • Temperature Coefficient Test System

    Meet the temperature coefficient test requirements specified in 4.4 clause in IEC61215-2016 standard. The system is installed in the dark box of the IV tester to accurately control the tempe

  • Power Test Equipment

    Meet the maximum power point test, temperature coefficient test, performance test under STC and NMOT conditions, and low irradiance performance test requirement specified in 4.2, 4.4, 4.6 and 4.7 cl

  • EL Tester

    l The test area is 2100mm*1500mm, which suit for all the silicon cell module and thin-film module. l Include bar-code scan function, the bar-code could display on the image. l Able to set the