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Bypass Diode Thermal Test System

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Meets the bypass diode thermal test requirements in the 4.18 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 and MST25 clause of the IEC 61730 standard.

l  Intelligent control of the current value, emit pulse current within 1ms.

l  During pulse current, parameters such as pulse current, diode voltage drop, and junction box temperature are collected

l  Module could be controlled at 30℃, 50, 70, 90.

l  Automatically simulate the relationship between VD and TJ by least squares method;

l  Could offer the steady current up to 1.25 times Isc.

l  All data can be exported in EXCEL format for processing and analysis.

l  Test the functionality of the diode(test the IV curve).



Pulse current


Current pulse width


Current pulse width accuracy


Pulse current accuracy


Pulse voltage range


Pulse voltage accuracy


Positive constant current range


Positive constant current accuracy


Module Temperature range


Temperature monitoring range


Temperature   monitoring accuracy


Temperature   monitoring repeatability