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All-Energy Australia 2019

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From October 23 to 24, 2019, Zealwe Technology Co., Ltd participated in All-Energy Australia 2019, which is the largest renewable energy exhibition in Australia with the theme of clean and renewable energy and showing various forms of clean and renewable energy.

As an exhibitor, Zealwe Technology added a ray of light to the Photovoltaic Exhibition, and had been focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of the photovoltaic industry. The Anti-PID and PV booster equipment produced by Zealwe Technology can effectively solve the problem of power attenuation, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the photovoltaic system, and guarantee the owner's income. Therefore, Zealwe Technology had attracted the attention and trust of many international professionals!

Australia is the most potential energy market in the world, and the household photovoltaic market is in the leading position in the world. The products of Zealwe technology will be more international and the photovoltaic products developed by Zealwe technology will also be widely used in the world.