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Solar Mobile Test Platform

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      The solar cell mobile test platform is used for field test of solar power plants. It mainly performs STC power tests on modules, and also performs EL test, insulation test, earth test, infrared thermal image test, inverter efficiency test, and power quality testing, etc., It can be used as an important site quality analysis method for power station modules such as pre-installation quality inspection, quality inspection during construction, acceptance inspection after completion, problem analysis during operation, and quality evaluation of power plant transactions, etc.

Suitable for driving at 4000m altitude.

Suitable for driving in desert areas within 300mm.

Meet the 1000km continuous driving.

Tire wear, non-slip, and suitable for mountain driving.

Stable temperature control system, with temperature treatment for multiple modules at the same time.

Field Restoration Laboratory Standard Test Conditions (STC).

Manipulator assists component flow to reduce work intensity.

Horizontal adjust system.

With a generator, it can carry out 5 hours of continuous testing.

Antireflection light path design, with 3A standard.




Test car power

175 horsepower

Test vehicle load

14 t

Chassis height


Tire specifications




Module temperature


Light source level


Module surface irradiation intensity


Vehicle levelness


Generator power


Cooling power


Heating power


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