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"Yantang Mountain" Spring Walk

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In April 2017, during the beautiful season when the green trees bloomed, all members of Shanghai ZEALWE Technology Co., Ltd. came to Zhejiang Province to find the breath of spring. The destination is known as strange rocks, deep valleys, and waterfalls. It is famous for its natural landscapes, which are well-known in China and abroad. Historically, it was named for “Yangdang Mountain” because of “on the top of the hill, there is a lake. the reeds are clustered, and the grass is swinging, and then the autumn goose stays".

ZEALWE members moved forward between mountains and rivers, and marched on bluestone, while listening to the sounds of flowing water and mountains and forests. When we felt the breath of nature, we strengthened the goal of developing a clean new energy. At that time, the subject of our trip was also ready to come out: “Building the best team in the new energy industry” among the mountains and green waters.