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Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Award

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In the afternoon of December 23, 2019, Zealwe Technology Co., Ltd ., as the excellent enterprise representative of Zhuanqiao Town, was invited to participate in the "new era-new crossing-new Zhuanqiao" 2019 "golden Zhuan" enterprise annual meeting held by Zhuanqiao town government.

Under the excellent business environment of Zhuanqiao Town, Zealwe Tech actively invested in R&D and innovation, constantly improving the service quality, and thus won the "golden Zhuan" Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2019.

Zealwe Tech has obtained 3 invention patents, 2 utility model patents, 3 software copyrights, 5 pending invention patents and 1 pending utility model patent. We also obtained 3 projects approved by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and 2 projects approved by Minhang science and Technology Commission.


In the future, Zealwe Tech will continue to strive for continuous development with the support of the government and seek breakthroughs to push more advanced Chinese manufacturing products to the world.