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  • Temperature Coefficient Test System

    Meet the temperature coefficient test requirements specified in 4.4 clause in IEC61215-2016 standard. The system is installed in the dark box of the IV tester to accurately control the tempe

  • Power Test Equipment

    Meet the maximum power point test, temperature coefficient test, performance test under STC and NMOT conditions, and low irradiance performance test requirement specified in 4.2, 4.4, 4.6 and 4.7 cl

  • EL Tester

    EL test on cells or modules and test at the plant site.l With bar code scanning function, bar code can be displayed on the picture.l Can set the voltage and current of the power supply.l EL phot

  • Hot Spot Tester(UL)

    Meet the hot spot test requirements specified in the 39 clause of UL1703 standard.l The entire test process is controlled by IPC.l irradiance could be adjust to ensure the stable current ou

  • Spray Test Machine

    Meet the spray test requirements in 33 clause of the UL 1703 standard. l The transparent full-closed test device can not only observe the conditions during the test, but also prevent water dr

  • Module Breakage Tester

    Meet the module breakage tester requirement in the MST32 clause of IEC61730 standard.l Catching or releasing impactor bag could be controlled.l Including protective nets on both sides to prote