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(UV) Chamber

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             Meet the UV preconditioning test requirements specified in the 4.10 clause of the IEC 61215-2016 standard and the standard MST54 of the IEC 61730-2016 standard MST54. Specially designed UV metal halide lamps are used to test of photovoltaic .products and materials.

The temperature of the environmental chamber is controlled by forced air-cooling, with over-temperature and low-temperature alarm functions. The surface temperature of modules can be tracked and recorded.

UV metal halide lamps are used with high value performance, low test cost, and short cycle.

The irradiance of each UV lamp can be controlled separately to adjust the irradiance of each lamp.

During the test, the UV irradiance data can be tracked. After the irradiation reaches the requirement, the test can be stopped automatically.

Include an electronic load (MPPT load) with maximum power point tracking function so that the module can work at the maximum operating point during the work process;

It can record UV irradiance, UV radiation, and module power. All data can be exported to EXCEL table, which is convenient for data analysis and comparison. Temperature and irradiance data are automatically stored in the hard disk and can be permanently saved. The number of the test sample can be input during recording, and the data file automatically generated and can be saved.

Can test the radiation uniformity of the irradiated surface.



Uniformity of irradiation surface


Spectral range


280nm-400nmUV irradiance


UVB ratio


UVA Irradiometer Range


UVA radiation meter accuracy


UVB Irradiometer Range


UVB radiation meter accuracy


Temperature inside the chamber 


Temperature accuracy


Temperature repeatability


MPPT tracking accuracy